Tasting notes  - Formosa Four Seasons Winter Special N. 303 - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tasting notes - Formosa Four Seasons Winter Special N. 303

Classification: Formosa Four Seasons Winter Special – Wulong tea
Cultivar: Qing Xin
Origin: Taiwan, Nantou County, Lu Gu Township, Pingding Village - altitude 800m
Grade: Supreme, Wonderful
Dry leaf: Tiny rolled drops of bright and dark green leaves with yellow matt stalks pointing up like a snake tail. Amazing sweet aroma of peach, vanilla and strawberry is rising from the pack.
Infused leaf: When infused the aroma of leaf has become more fragrant. Rose, orchid and sweet cherry with spicy nutmeg and exotic mango.
Liquor: Cup bright, clear light and yellow in colour. Aroma very sweet and fruity. Liquid mellow and light with stunning aroma of mango and peach mixed together with fragrant orchid and rose. Surprising after-taste of fermented hops is lingering in the mouth. This wulong is no astringent at all and suitable for many brews.
About: Four Seasons wulong comes from Nantou county. Nantou is mostly rural area with low lying banks of Sun Moon Lake, gently rolling hills and jagged mountain peaks as high as 3000 meters. The climate is ideal for growing tea with average temperature range from 15 to 24 degrees Celsius. Because of the amazing terroir and cultivar used for making this tea it is possible to pluck the bushes in all four seasons – hence the name for this tea.