Tasting notes - Phoenix Dan Cong - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tasting notes - Phoenix Dan Cong

Classification: Phoenix Dan Cong, Wulong tea (oolong tea, blue-green tea)
Oxidation level: 30-35%
Roast level: medium level
Origin: China, Guangdong province, Phoenix village near Chazhou, Wu Dong mountain
Grade: Superior
Leaf: Longer, slightly twisted, dark brown leaf. Crunchy on touch. Aroma of Caramel, dried apricots and sweet peat and tobacco with a hint of woodiness and coffee.
Infused leaf: Navy-green and reddish-brown leaf, perfectly unfolded and nearly even. Aroma of green moss and fermented seaweed with roast hazelnuts.
Liquor: Beautiful, clear amber cup with a dominant aroma of - very alive - green wet wood, ocean air and metallic rock - very flinty, followed by delicate sweet hazelnut and blossom flavour with tiny hint of coffee and tobacco smokiness and outstanding astringency.
This tea is a beautifully balanced, well crafted Rock Tea. Made of an independent bush - wild tea tree, with no fertiliser, no pesticide, plucked once a year! What a treat!