Tea sourcing - batch 235 - Keemun Mao Feng Imperial - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tea sourcing - batch 235 - Keemun Mao Feng Imperial

Keemun...Qimen.....Keemun….same thing really!

We like our Keemun Mao Feng black tea (N.102) yet this one smells beautiful. The grade is atypical (wooow! that sounds awesome, now we are even more excited!) and it comes from beautiful Anhui province in China (traditional location for Keemun tea).
We also have a sample of Keemun Hao Ya Special ...so we had to brew them together to wisely slurp and compare and we can now tell you, that Mao Feng Imperial tastes more like a dark wood and orange and we shall tell you about Hao Ya Special in the next blog post :P


Dried Leaf: Small, anthracite, slim, slightly twisted leaves; raspberry and orange notes with a hint of green wood. Well dried on touch.
Infused Leaf: Small, slim leaves; the colour of leather, releasing an aroma of sweet rose, raspberry and freshly cut green wood.
Liquor: Brilliant orange colour cup with geranium & raspberry blossom bouquet and sweet caramel undernotes. Liquor soft and velvety; rose, cherry, green wood and orange taste. Not astringent with floral after-taste.