Tea Sourcing – batch N.240 Pu Erh Teas – Hai Lang Hao “Bu Lang tribute brick” Ripe Pu Erh 2014

Classification: Hai Lang Hao “Bu Lang tribute brick” Ripe Pu Erh 2014 - Shu “ripe/matured” dark tea/aged tea
Cultivar: Yunnan Da Ye
Origin: China, Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, Menghai county, Bulang Mountain
Grade: Supreme quality
Leaf: Compressed brick of velvety brown leaves and golden buds. Mellow aroma of cherry wood, vanilla and stewed meat.
Infused leaf: Infused leaves are deep chocolate colour with strong aroma of sweet cherry, dates and chocolate.
Liquor: The liquid has burgundy colour, it's brilliantly deep and thick. Aroma of the cup is sweet cherry and vanilla. The mouth-feel is excellent, complex, rich and full-bodied with a mellow red bean paste taste, decaying wood and hints of bitter chocolate. After-taste is velvety with sweet persistence of caramel. There is no acidity in the cup and no astringency. The tea is well balanced, smooth and sweet. Only for Gourmet people :)

About: Shu Pu Erh is a modern invention from early 1970's developed because of high demand for Sheng Pu Erh which takes decades to age. Shu processing method is accelerated development of flavour in which Mao Cha is being exposed to bacteria. During this fermentation, mould produces organic acid and pH of tea will be reduced. Due to the mould fermentation, tea is completely fermented in a much shorter period of time, usually about 2 months. The colour of tea changes to dark brown and it gives a mellow taste with thick body.

This is entirely Spring 2011 fermented wild arbor tea from Bu Lang area of Menghai. The tea was fermented in Menghai under the supervision of Xinghai tea factory in summer of 2011. The tea was then stored in Menghai until late 2014 when it was purchased and pressed by Hai Lang.

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