Tea Tasting Diary - Batch n.234 (Assam Zaloni) - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tea Tasting Diary - Batch n.234 (Assam Zaloni)

2) Our second choice was lovely malty Indian black Assam Zaloni TGFOP Tippy golden flowery orange pekoe. From the batch 234 this was the lowest grade tea. The taste wasn't excellent and tea became quickly cloudy, when left aside. Here are our tasting notes:

Dry Leaves: Aroma not significant – very weak, sweet and malty. Medium sized leaves are lightly twisted and matt black in colour. Tea is fairly dried.

Infused Leaves: Coppery brown, slim and uneven. Aroma malty, sweet and spicy.

Liquor: Clear cup with deep honey amber colour. Aroma sweet, woody and malty. Full bodied, round liquor with fruity and spicy mouth-feel and cocoa notes. Medium astringency – quite bitter.



We have evaluate this tea as a traditional/good grade, but not for purchase to our Boutique tea store.