Tasting notes - Yunnan Mao Feng Superior - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tasting notes - Yunnan Mao Feng Superior

Classification: Yunnan Mao Feng Superior, Black tea

Origin: China, Yunnan province, Simao region

Grade: Superior, exclusive

Leaf: Long, greatly twisted, coppery leaves with a golden tips. Crunchy on the touch. Unique bouquet of wild flowers with sweet caramel, chocolate and a hint of scorched earth.

Infused leaf: Reddishly-brown skinny long leaves, perfectly proportioned and even with an aroma of green wood – pine and cedar particularly.

Liquor: Beautiful, clear reddish liquid with amber edges. Sweet and round mouth-feel with a buttery and chocolatey heaviness and notes of ripe apricots. Excellently balanced, woody, velvety cup with no astringency. A sophisticated tea for any time of the day.



Yunnan teas are called “Dian Hong” which means “Yunnan Red” and are plucked from older ancient wild tea trees and tea bushes. Made exclusively from golden buds or/and leaf, with longer wither (which enhance fragrance) and slower oxidation (which tones down astringency in the liquor and concentrates flavour) they are considered one of the most highly prized/ exceptional teas.