Pre-Rain Cloud Mist

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- Green Tea -

Pre-rain Lu Shan Yun Wu  "Cloud Mist" 

- Location -

 China, Jiangxi province, Chum's family

- Harvested -


 - Taste Notes -

 Cream, apricot, rich, umami


 - Shades of Aromas -

 - Brewing Method -  


 - Suitable Teapot - 

Gaiwan or ceramic/glass teapot  

"Long, navy green-blue and perfectly straight hairy legs,
Coming down from the rolling clouds
Heavy rain, mist and an aroma of sweet apricots
Is being left like a thread behind
The legs walk slowly, over a tiny broccoli fields, over a cantaloupe melon plantation, and sweet grassy battlefields.
Is this a friendly Giant, evil Troll or stormy Yeti?
….Suddenly it explodes and turns into well balanced, colourful confetti."

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