Pre-Rain Imperial Dragon Well - 2021

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- Rare Green Tea -

Pre-rain Imperial Long Jing "Dragon Well" 

- Location -

 China, Zhejiang province, Hangzou, Long Jing village near West Lake

- Harvested -

Spring 2021

 - Taste Notes -

 Honeysuckle, violets, edamame, roasted chestnuts

 - Shades of Aromas -

 Brewing Method -  


 - Suitable Teapot - 

Gaiwan or ceramic/glass teapot 

"It's early spring and you look down from your Lion's Peak, to see all the hues of neon green and golden shades. Some are reflecting the morning sun like brutal spears. It reminds you of the old times.
Your body is intense, powerful and brisk, yet mellow in its movement. You are mighty and you know it.
You open your wings to absorb the sun; your scales are bright and green. Your heart beats vividly, as always before you fly. Your tail gives a swing, and your roar is inevitable. Then you let go…once around your peak, then down with unmerciful speed, over the steep slopes of tea bushes, forests and meadows, you inhale it all; The mellow aroma of dandelions, magnolias, garden peas, and the persistent after-smell of roasted hazelnuts lingering from the closest village.
Under the hills, on the lowest spot stands an ancient, mystical well the water looks so pristine and divine, you wish to submerge. You plunge into it, breaking the small stoned wall around it. In it your heart becomes more powerful than ever and your body cools down to minimal temperature, just perfect for you to sleep...forever...Immortal."

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