Natural Bamboo Tea strainer

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Made of Bamboo leaves these Tea strainers are highly durable & reusable. Fantastic natural choice.

Bamboo does not alter the molecule of water since it's not metal, which means it will not alter the taste of your tea. Absolutely natural, non-toxic choice for straining tea leaves into your cup.

Choose from 3 Sizes:

Ant: wide 6 cm x deep 8 cm x handle length 8.5cm

Puppy: wide 7 cm x deep 8.5 cm x handle length 9 cm

Godzilla: wide 8 cm x deep 10 cm x handle length 10 cm

Price per one.

On cleaning:

After each use, rinse under hot water, then place in a sunny, cool, dry area (or on the heater). Never use soap. Only warm water.

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