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Cultivar: clonal variety AV2

Altitude: 2133 m

Harvest: Spring

Grade: Exceptional, unique, 1st flush

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  • Inside Story

    This crispy tea comes from Nepal - Aishwarya Tea estate which is called "A garden in the sky". The plantation is so high that the tea bushes are constantly covered by mist and dew, while the big chunky clouds are rolling above like a wheels of ducati bike on a straight, long road. Nepal produces wonderful black teas with a Darjeeling character. The World's finest teas are nurtured and influenced by the clean, thin air of high mountain elevations. Altitude slows leaf maturation, which encourages flavour complexity and delicacy in the cup. Nowhere is this more true than for leaf that is plucked in the soaring elevations of the awe-inspiring and rugged Himalaya.
    What's in the name?
    Aishwarya was a queen of Nepal. Her husband was king Birendra. In contrast to her quiet husband, she was outspoken and forceful and during the pre 1990 day of absolute monarchy she was viewed as the real power behind the throne. Until the people's revolution in 1950 the Rana dynasty was in power in Nepal for 104 years. She was killed in a palace massacre along with her husband and other members of the royal family in 2001.

  • Nepal, Shree Antu Valley, Aishwarya Tea Estate

  • Ambience

    DRY LEAF: Wonderfully furry silver buds and silvery-greenish yellow leaves are small and a little broken but they look fresh and healthy. Dry nose fragrance is sweet, milk chocolate, herbs and sage like.
    INFUSED LEAF: We leaf looks more unified green with a gentle aroma of wood, hay and mint.
    LIQUOR: The cup is bright & clear, amber yellow colour. The aroma of cardamom, sage, lemon and vanilla is steaming up. Mouthfeel is soft, smooth and has kinda milky texture on the tongue. You can recognise notes of creamy butter, wild sage and exotic vanilla. The tea feels light almost like a white tea but with powerful zingy outburst and dry herbal astringency.