Buddha's Tea Special

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- Green Tea -

Jiu Hua Mao Feng Special "Fo Cha"


- Location -

China, Anhui province, Qingjang County, Jiu Hua Shan


 - Taste Notes -

vegetal, raspberry, sweet-earthy


 - Brewing Method -  

 - Suitable Teapot - 

Gaiwan or ceramic/glass teapot  


 - Curious for more? -


"A monk sitting in perfectly balanced orchid sit
Under a lonely peach tree
All is steady, all is still
The golden tips of sunshine licking his pale, bald head
It's Spring
All is fresh and clear as his mind is
He sees the light green grass growing, slightly twisting at the tops
Raspberry blossoms, so mellow, delicate and sweet
This mountain purrs in happiness
All is steady, all is still
His mind begins to wonder..."


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