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Cultivar: Fuding Da Bai Hao “Large White”

Altitude: 900m

Harvest: Mid April

Grade: Superb, perfect

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  • Inside Story

    Our Bai Mu Dan is made in Fujian province, Fuding county which lies between Fujian and Zhejiang province in elevation approx. 900m. Bai Mu Dan is made with one bud and two leaves after the individual tea buds that make up Silver Needle have been gathered. Then it is allowed to wither (air-dry) naturally in the air outside or inside the tea factory, which enhances the sweetness and mouth-feel and then it is bake-dried. It is the least processed tea from all six classes. Harvested in spring, mid april.

  • China, Fujian province, Fuding

  • Ambience

    Leaf: Large bud covered with dense silvery hair mixed with large green-brownish leaves. Herbaceous aroma with notes of dried apples and honey.
    Infused leaf: Green-copper leaves releasing a scent of lemon, pepper and honey.
    Liquor: The liquor is crystal clear, lemon like. The mounth-feel is complex, delicate and floral with a notes of dried apples, cantalope melon, hay and honey. There is also a hint of woodiness, apricots, almonds and thyme. The after-taste is soft and sweet with an intense dry astringency and no acidity. Beautiful velvety tea which can be brew multiple-times.