GIFT Box "Crane"

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Our Matcha bowl set has all the essential tools for you to make a great matcha bowl each morning & afternoon. All is authentic and made in Japan.

"CHIYO" means thousand years in Japanese, so we expect you to whisk for as many :)

"UZUSHIO" means whirlpool in Japanese, so we expect you to whisk like a whirlpool :)

The Gift Box includes:

  • Chawan (tea bowl) 13 x 8 cm / Choose from "Chiyo" or "Uzushio"
  • Chasen (bamboo tea whisk) with 80 bristles 
  • Chashaku (bamboo tea spoon) for stylish dosing of the Matcha
  • 30g Tin of our Ceremonial grade Matcha Tea
  • Voucher for 20% off next order 

How to whisk like a PRO!

  1. Heat the chawan and the chasen with very hot water, discard the water after about 1 min.
  2. Sift 1-2 tsp of matcha tea through a fairly fine strainer - this creates smoother foam and prevent lumps.
  3. Pour roughly 60 ml of 75 C water over the tea and whisk (from bottom to top) when the foam begins to form, raise the whisk carefully.
  4. Enjoy!

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