Premium Matcha Shincha

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- Rare Powdered Green Tea -

Premium Matcha Shincha - pick 2019/organically grown


- Location -

Japan, Kyoto prefecture, Uji


 - Taste Notes -

Rich, buttery, vegetal, umami


 - Brewing Method -  

 - Suitable Teapot - 

Matcha bowl


 - Curious for more? -


"The day has come. You are ready. You wear your lucky black dress and your black high heels shoes that lay next to your desk.
You feel the pressure, as before, and it reminds you of the time you were wrapped in many layers of silk – yes, your ceremonial green flowered kimono, tightened with the massive belt, trying not to sweat the white make up from your face.
But today, it is different. You have a presentation to do. One thing can actually go wrong and no one will notice – this is much easier.
You look at your office, the plain sterile white walls reminds you of your status. You look out of the window into the grey mist of the city... a crow lands on your balcony. The crow reminds you of your soul – free, independent, strong scavenger of this World. You sip your whisked Matcha tea and relax – you feel the umami, sour, sweet taste which taps into your inner power. The image of you performing the Chanayo ceremony flashes in front of your eyes – it was perfect, no mistakes, and no interruption. Every move, every thought, and mood was a perfection. You straighten up, slip into your black shoes, breath out loud – the west wind blows strongly, the crow spreads her wings and flies away – you are ready, committed!"


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