Pre-rain Wu Yi Shan Jin Jun Mei AA

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- Lightly smoked Black tea -

Pre-rain Wu Yi Shan Jin Jun Mei AA Premium grade - Spring harvest 2019

- Location -

 China, Fujian province, Wuyi shan mountain rock tea, Tong Mu village

 - Taste Notes -

 Camphor, dates, caramel, chocolate

 - Shades of Aromas -


 - Brewing Method -  


 - Suitable Teapot - 

Ceramic or Glass teapot  

A tiny Scottish cottage
on a verge of mighty cliff
surrounded by nothing but wild highland cows
with their gold-ginger twisted fluffy hair
falling slowly into their chocolate eyes.
You hear buzzing from the nearby forest
the wild bees are collecting some forest honey for your jar
You hop into your wellies and gather some camphor wood
to warm up the white stoney cottage... your and cats paws
then you bake spicy chocolate-date cake,
while sipping on a thick syrupy liquorice tea
sitting on your rustic leather sofa with a good book in your hands
you don't need any mobile, you don't need social media.
There is a peace all around which cannot be substitude
and you love it to the bones.

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