Pure Bud Golden Needle Yunnan Superior

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- Black Tea -

Pure Bud Golden Needle Yunnan Superior - pick 2021

- Location -

China, Yunnan province, Simao district, Lincang

 - Taste Notes -

 Peach, caramel, heather honey, chocolate

 - Shades of Aromas -

 - Brewing Method -  


 - Suitable Teapot - 

Ceramic or Glass teapot  

"Long curly golden brown locks, falling down to your face
Sleeked by the rain, tightly sticking to you like a caramel
You run up, through the dense forest, dodging creepy roots, and smelling the fresh aroma of pines and cedars
They are so tall, beautiful; as beautiful as soldiers standing in line
You run further, breathing heavily, through a massive meadow full of sweet fragrant flowers
Their yellowy tips look so happy, like the rays of the sun in this dark misty forgotten land, you think.
You have reached the middle of a copper mountain now; you slow down a bit, focusing on your breath, keeping your mind clear, and attention to each step or jump over the streams and rocks
Nearly there... your heart pumps like a siren
You reached the top and the view is amazing
Peaks all around you, and as far as you can see
You drink them in with your thirsty eyes, mixing the stunning view with the exhaustion of your body and relaxed mind
You sit on a stone near the edge of the mountain, letting your legs hang down, that way you feel free as a bird.
You grab an apricot, and dark chocolate, from your bag and happily munch on it.
You grab your teapot and put a couple of leaves of Yunnan in it, pour hot water and warm your mind with it.
The taste is mellow, clear, well balanced, excellent.
You feel energised, invigorated
Time to go back down, you glance back at the peaks, you see as far as a bird, you could just about fly
You spread your hands and run down fast, not stopping until you are at home
You have seen something amazing today, something beyond the mind, you'll never forget"

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