Ripe Pu Er Small leaf Special - 2015 pick (extra mild)

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- Aged Tea -

Pu Er Small leaf Special - Shu (Ripe/Matured)

- Location -

 China, Yunnan, Lincang, Yong De county

- Harvested -

Spring 2015

 - Taste Notes -

 Leather, cocoa, musty, cherry, chewy

 - Shades of Aromas -

 - Brewing Method -  


 - Suitable Teapot - 

Yixing "memory" teapot  

"The World is at peace. It is so quiet... you look up just to watch couple of leaves of an umbrella tree move slightly in the wind. A bit or rustle and quiet.
You sigh by pure happiness, the smell of fresh sweet ground wizz around you and then the ground starts to shake. Every second harder and harder, the west wind brings a sweet, leathery & musty smell. It must be the elephants, you think! You look towards the west.... a massive silhouettes of an elephant army is shaping through the dusty dry land. They thumping and trumpeting about their journey. 
You close your eyes, trying to relax...but then you feel big heavy squeezy push and everything quietness down. You open your eyes and realise you are in a cellar. Dark, reddish-brown like terracotta cellar full of smelly compost, decaying wood, roots and peat. You can barely see a bits of heavy, mossy cherry wood beams holding it all together above you. Your nose twitches from the sweet, textured and velvety air.
Incredible, you caught a glimpse of a teensy spider. You come closer to look to observe and he is looking right at you. He sees you with his many tiny eyes! 
You woke up and you have irresistible taste for Pu er tea.

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