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Mi Lan Xiang "Honey Orchid Aroma" Dan Cong

Classification: Mi Lan Xiang “Honey Orchid Aroma” Dan Cong - Wulong tea (oolong tea, blue-green tea)
Harvest: April 2019
Cultivar: Bai Ye
Origin: China, Guangdong province, Wu Dong Mountains, Zhongshan village
Grade: Superior, exquisite
Leaf: Big, curly brown & yellow well dried leaves and buds. Aroma of well dried wood, mint, dark cocoa and sweet caramel.
Infused leaf: Dark brown/green, lightly twisted needles. Aroma of wood, mint, geranium and ocean air.
Liquor: Crystal clear, deep apricot-like cup. Aroma spicy, woody and floral. Mouth-feel crisp, wild and soft with notes of fresh green wood, orchids and apricots. After-taste carries notes of lemon zest, ocean air and fresh herbs. A little acidity, pleasant astringency. Can be brewed up to six times in yixing teapot or gaiwan.

About: "Dan Cong” means independent bush. They are called unique/living treasures as they grow just like wild plant, reaching up to 5 m and age of 300 years. They grow in red clay soil of altitude around 1200 m with no fertilizer, no pesticide. Plucking the tea tree only once a year makes it rich in minerals and polyphenols. The oldest tea tree available in Wu Dong Mountain is about 900 years old. The old tree has very long roots with large surface area. Therefore, old tree could absorb much more minerals than young tree. Besides, old tea tree grows very slow as compared to the young tea tree. With slow growing speed, the size of cells become very tiny and the tea leaf accumulates more substances including organic substances that contribute to flavour and minerals that contribute to quality. In particular, the presence of minerals is very essential to the quality of tea; it gives more depth and thickness in taste and flavour.