T Bear

Graphic Designer
"Out of Box" Artist
Soul Maintainer
Tea Photographer
Mountain Watcher
Life Architect
Rock Climber
Piece of bones in leather bag

T Fox

Tea Taster
Tea Writer
Tea Photographer
Soul enhancer
Tea Brewer
Tea painter
Fire Starter
Forest Runner
Yoga Elder
Cat Cuddler

Our Tea Journey began in the year of 1995 when we met in an old, dingy, incense infested Teahouse. Back then, I brewed an extra-extra-extra strong Long Jing for my man and drugged him into the Elysium (LOL). Since then he is under my spell.
In the year 2000 we have planned to open a TEA-HOUSE, but inevitably, as we were young, curious and very free spirited, we have hit the road and travelled until now. It's been ages since then, but our love for tea has never faded.
I've worked in many places of speciality tea and as a quality approval and taster for tea and also coffee in roasteries. I've spent a year in India studying tea growing amongst the beautiful local people of which many will stay in my heart forever. I've also helped developed the only organic tea plantation in Scotland. (Blah blah...)
In our garden, we have a few Tea bushes growing, from which we regularly make our own organic super-awesome & rare MEZURASHI TEA.
For us, Tea was and is about TO BE, TO TRAVEL and TO EXPERIENCE.
To Be....be still and silent.
To Travel.. taste the soil of many lands, the terroir, the devotion and care of other people.
To Experience... experience the tea and your soul...a single cup can taste like an untamed wild sea, a meadow full of blossoms and herbs, a misty rocks, orchard full of fruit trees, forest after the rain or dingy expedition to your damp cellar....
We have launched our SHE FANG TEA online store in 2015 and since then we have been sourcing and hunting the best teas this World can offer to you. Submerge and dive in our cup of tea, as we like to do!
We are just a couple of wild animals in this vast Universe, but we are so proud, that we are able to work in absolute symbiosis as one soul on something we LOVE.
And create:
Artwork for the page (which is fun)
Source and order all teas from places of Origin (which is fun)
Write silly Tea poems with hidden tasting notes (fun fun fun)
Take photos of all our teas & tea-ware (also fun)
Upload all online and do accounts (not fun)
and when you order..
Promptly print & pack your teas with all our original artwork and dispatch the looooooovely box to your home.