Wulong means "Black Dragon"
Origin: China - Fujian - Wuyi mountains & Anxi district, Guangdong
Taiwan – Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Nantou, Chia Yi, Hualien, Taitung
Leaf plucking style: Medium to Coarse pluck (mature leaves)
Tea production: Withering – Oxidation – Heating – Rolling – Compression - Drying
Tasting Notes: Green jade wulongs (10-45% oxidation) – Delicate, floral, not acidic.
Black rock wulongs (50-70% oxidation) – Complex, sweet, wood and fruit notes, tiny bit acidic.
Recommended teapot: Yixing “memory” teapot
Healing properties: Wulong stimulating the metabolising of lipids. Anti-stress, even euphoric effect is due to the high concentration of aromatic oils, which are drawn out from the leaves during rolling.
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