Aged Treasures

“Dark Tea”
Origin: China – Yunnan (Xishuangbanna)
Leaf plucking style: Grade size 1 (small leaf) to 10 (large leaf)
Tea production: Withering – Panning – Rolling - 2nd panning - 2nd rolling - Drying in the sun (in this stage the tea leaves are called MAOCHA)
Sheng (Raw): Compression – Drying
Shou (Ripe): Fermentation – Compression - Drying
Tasting Notes: Sheng: Vegetal, herbally, smokey and raw
Shou: Complex, rich, earthy, sweet, musty, woody, mushroomy
Recommended teapot: Any teapot, but Yixing teapot will highlight earthy and woody notes in tea.
Healing properties: Pu Erh has been used as a dietary supplement by many nomadic tribes. As these people ate mostly very fatty yak meat, tea allowed them to balance their diet, counteracting the fat. Today Pu Erh teas are recognized as helping specifically to regulate the body and stimulate digestion, it also helps eliminate cholesterol from the body.
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