Pre-rain Dragon Well Imperial grade - She Fang Boutique Tea

Pre-rain Dragon Well Imperial grade

Classification: Pre-rain Long Jing “Dragon Well” Imperial grade - Legendary Green tea
Harvest: March 2019
Cultivar: Long Jing 43
Origin: China, Zhejiang province, Hangzou, Long Jing village near West Lake
Grade: Imperial grade, Exceptional
Leaf: Big, light yellow-green bud and leaf, pressed into flat shape – resembling the top of a spear - with a tiny bits of white cotton-like lumps. Aroma of Geranium, mint and creamy cashews.
Infused leaf: Beautiful, light green & pointy bud and leaf. Aroma of sweet peas, broccoli, cucumber and cashews, very fresh.
Liquor: Crystal clear, very light & bright yellow-green cup. Soft aroma of sweet creamy cashews and asparagus. Mouth-feel is complex, soft and astringent with notes of steamed courgettes, sweet peas, asparagus and roasted hazelnuts. After-taste is crispy green, herbaceous: thyme & peppercorns. Our Long Jing is refreshing, cooling tea with no acidity and pleasant crispy astringency. It has a long invigorating finish. A true Legend! Must try!

About: Hand crafted legendary tea which production dated back to 1,500 years ago. The tea gardens are nestled in the rolling hills that surround West Lake. Water flows from the misty hilltop and the villagers tend smallholdings of tea bushes, all of the “old variety” cultivar, which has been granted the title of the Imperial Tea Trees, during the Qing Dynasty by Emperor Qian Long. This is the most prestigious tea in China.

The name of Long Jing was already well-known during late Qing Dynasty.
It is said that during the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qing Long visited the Shi Feng Mountain, and was served with Long Jing tea.
He was very impressed with its beautiful appearance, elegant fragrance and mellow taste. The monk who served the tea showed him the tea garden (at that time, there were planted only 18 tea trees). While he was enjoying plucking the tea leaves, urgent news arrived saying his mother had fallen ill and urged him to return to the palace.
During his visit to his sick mother, the scent of tea leaves that he kept in his pocket emitted strongly. He served the tea to his mother, which she has enjoyed very much. After several cups, her sickness was cured.
The Emperor was very grateful and granted the 18 tea trees the Imperial Tea Tree title. Since then, Long Jing became the tribute tea to Emperors.
Up to the date, the 18 tea trees remain at the Shi Feng Mountain (Our name btw... She Fang TEA is derived from Shi Feng in translation “Lion Peak” :).
Long Jing is a national-number 1 tea for China. It is the Queen of Green Tea and must to have for tea connoisseurs.