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Pre-rain Honey Aroma Golden Needle Yunnan Superior

Classification: Honey Aroma Golden Needle Yunnan Superior - Black tea
Cultivar: Yunkang 100 / Chang Ye Bai Hao
Origin: China, Yunnan province, Simao district, Nin`er
Grade: Superior, exclusive, entirely made from buds
Leaf: Long slender and hairy golden buds, releasing an aroma of honeysuckles, violets and peonies. The buds are super beautiful to look at and even more to smell the floral, sweet and fruity flavours.
Infused leaf: Infused buds are matt, leather-like and perfect in shape. Unified. Aroma of dark wood, black pepper, violets with a tiny hint of smoke.
Liquor: Crystal clear amber cup with bright golden rim. Aroma of forest honey, peony flowers and sweet vanilla. Mouth-feel is complex, rich and sweet. Notes of ripe apricots, peaches and pine wood with a heavy caramel-cocoa-vanilla-pepper flavours lingers on the palate for a long time. This tea is incredible. Elegant, well balanced, woody, fruity, floral and creamy tea with no acidity and only a little of pleasant astringency.

About: Yunnan teas are called “Dian Hong” which means “Yunnan Red”.
Our Golden needle is a rare black tea made entirely from buds. Hand-picked before start of March.
Grown high in the mountainous region (1800 m altitude), without fertilisers or pesticides involved in region which is famous for it's oldest Tea Trees in the World. 
Then skilfully processed by local artisans which let them wither longer (which enhance fragrance) and oxidise slower (which tones down astringency in the liquor and concentrates flavour).
Yunnan teas are considered one of the most exquisite teas for their incredible balance. They have high mineral content which will increase blood circulation and keeps us warm in cold weather. It also relaxes our minds!

Must try! One of our best sellers!