Tasting Notes – Bai Mu Dan “White Peony” - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tasting Notes – Bai Mu Dan “White Peony”

Classification: Bai Mu Dan “White Peony” - white tea

Cultivar: Fuding Da Bai Hao

Origin: China, Fujian province, Zheng He

Grade: Superb, perfect

Leaf: Large bud covered with dense silvery hair mixed with large green-brownish leaves. Aroma of hay, banana peel and honey floats around.

Infused leaf: Muddy green and coppery leaves releasing a scent of lemony hay with pepper and honey notes.

Liquor: Mandarin colour cup, crisp and light. Liquor very delicate, flowery with notes of velvet, dried apples, melon, hay and honey. Mellow and sweet tea with intense dry after-taste and no astringency.



About: White tea is one of Fujian Province’s unique treasure. Despite it's name “White Peony” it is not made with Peonies flower. Its name is reflective of the delicacy of the aroma and flavour and a hint of floral notes. This white tea is made with one bud and two open leaves. White tea is allowed to wither naturally in the air outside or inside the tea factory, and then it is bake-dried, hence it has more in common with black tea than green tea. It is the least processed tea from all six classes.