Tasting Notes - Ceylon Ratnapura New Vithanakande FBOPFEXSP “Silver Tips” N.505 - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tasting Notes - Ceylon Ratnapura New Vithanakande FBOPFEXSP “Silver Tips” N.505

Classification: Ceylon Ratnapura New Vithanakande FBOPFEXSP “Silver Tips”- Black tea
Origin: Sri Lanka, Ratnapura District, New Vithanakande Tea Estate under Kalawana town.
Grade: Sublime, Perfect grade. FBOPFEXSP - Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fanning’s Extra Special – Similar to FBOP1 but firm and more black leaf with much better leafy tips.
Leaf: Beautiful, sleek and nearly straight leaves, brown in colour with wonderful silver (almost gold) tips. Crunchy on touch. Aroma of dried fruit, peach and lemon with a tiny hint of eucalyptus.
Infused leaf: Deep reddish thin needle like leaf. Aroma of sweet honey and fruit is rising from the freshly brewed leaves, turning slowly to wonderful scent of wood and clove.
Liquor: Brisk, deep copper colour cup with golden hue rim. Gentle and light tea with dominant aroma of exotic fruit is followed by a delicate, sweet molasses and citrus flavour with tiny hint of eucalyptus and an intensely bright astringency.

About: New Vithanakande Tea Estate is situated near Ratnapura, the fabled city of gems, in the heart of the low country planting district (600m) of Sri Lanka. Ratnapura is partially bordered by Nuwara Eliya to the north, a region well known for its high grown teas. The Tea Estate is perched on a hill overlooking the world famous Sinharaja rain forest. The ‘Silver Tips’ name comes from the appearance of the leaves as they feature silver or slightly golden tips, which signifies the high quality nature of this tea.