Tasting notes: China Fujian Anxi Ming Qian QING SHUANG KING TIE QUANYIN

Perfectly twisted pearls of Qing Shuan King Tie Quanyin wulong tea.

Aroma of thyme and eucalyptus lingers from the leaves as they fall into my Yixing teapot....clonk clonk.....

The liquor is bright - neon green (after 10th cup) with strong broccoli, citrus and geranium flavours, just perfect to warm up the body in this windy howling day of wild highlands.

No acidity and multiple infusions makes blue and green (wulong) teas the most pleasant teas to drink, so smooth with their long lasting sweet aroma it certainly brightens your day.

These babies are oxidised at about 20-30% - pan fired - rolled and dried.

Come to taste if you are around....

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