Tasting notes – Formosa Lu Gu Dong Ding “Frozen peak” - 5th plum prize

Classification: Formosa Lu Gu Dong Ding (Tung Ting meaning “Frozen peak”) Wulong tea, oolong tea, blue green tea, black dragon.

Cultivar: Chin Xin

Origin: Taiwan (Formosa), Central Taiwan, Nantou district, Dong Ding mountain

Grade: Magnificent, Luxurious

Leaf: Dark green and twisted gems with a pointy brown stems. Harder on touch. Aroma of apricot and nutmeg, slightly pepperminty with an undertone of green wood.

Infused leaf: Dark, swampy green like and huge leaf with a brown stem. Strong aroma of spice, nutmeg, wood and vivid straw.

Liquor: Fresh, light yellow and clear liquor with a reminiscent bouquet of orchids and peonies dipped in sweet honey. Warming and smooth cup, velvety aftertaste of apricots and orange blossoms lingers in mouth for a while. Very warming tea with no astringency, great for up to 6 infusions :)



Dong Ding mountain is located in foothills of central mountain range and north of renowned AliShan area in a Nantou district in central Taiwan. The cultivar Chin Xin has been brought here from China – Fujian/Wuyi mountain by local government officer Lin Feng Chi.

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