Tasting notes – Gao Shan "Green Monkey" Special green pekoe - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tasting notes – Gao Shan "Green Monkey" Special green pekoe

Classification: Gao Shan "Green Monkey" Special green pekoe – green tea

Origin: China, west-central Sichuan, Ya-an

Grade: Great quality, sublime

Leaf: Tiny & skinny dark green leaf, lovely rolled with a great crunchiness on touch. Aroma of sweet hay, herbs and dried fruit is significantly rising from the bag after opening, accompany with undertones of mandarin peel.

Infused leaf: Light yellowy green relaxed small leaf with a strong vegetal aroma of garden peas, courgettes and fresh herbs - predominantly parsley. With following mild aroma of freshly cut grass.

Liquor: Liquor very similar to infused leaf. Very young, clear and fresh green cup with strong vegetal and herbal taste and soft grassy aftertaste with a little refreshing astringency.



The city of Ya’an locates 120km southwest to Chengdu and close to the Tibetan area in western Sichuan Province. It was an important town on the ancient Tea Horse Road.

Ya’an is a rainy place; it rains over 200 days in a year, which made it a perfect place for growing tea. Mount Mengding is one of the most significant tea places in China. It is also the home town of the giant pandas :)