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Tasting Notes - Jasmine Dragon Pearl Superior

Classification: Jasmine Dragon Pearl Superior “Mo Li Hua Zhu”– Scented rolled green tea
Cultivar: Fuding Dabai (“big white” cultivar which produces soft, downy buds)
Origin: China, Fujian province
Grade: Grand Cru, Elite
Leaf: Perfectly rolled, tiny olive green pearls with pekoe silver tips releasing an intense fragrance of  jasmine.
Infused leaf: Infused leaf has mellow shade of yellow/green and the pearls are slightly unfurled. First infusion is releasing a beautiful scent of jasmine and lily.
Liquor: Infusion is bright and clear and has a colour similar to Chardonnay wine. Cup is velvety, smooth and sweet yet fresh and crisp with a little astringency. The beautiful delicately fragrant jasmine & lily is overpowering, lingering and enticing the mind. After-taste is sweet and long lasting.
Infusions: Suitable for many infusions preferably in a small glass teapot.
About: Jasmine Dragon Pear is an artisan green tea, infused with freshly picked jasmine blossoms.
During the process of scenting, the tea leaf is exposed to some heat. Because of that the tea which is used for production of jasmine tea is only partially finished leaf called “Zao Pei”.
Zao Pei is then fused with fresh jasmine blossoms and layered like a cake for several weeks with a repeated turning to avoid heat building up. Each day at dawn the jasmine blossoms open and scent the tea. Traditional crafting of jasmine tea is by using fresh flowers not artificial perfumes or essential oils and the flowers are being removed afterwards. The tea leaves are then delicately rolled into beautiful little pearls that unfurl when steeped into hot water.