Tasting Notes - Keemun (Qimen) Mao Feng Superior - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tasting Notes - Keemun (Qimen) Mao Feng Superior

Classification: Keemun Mao Feng - Black tea

Cultivar: Zhu-ye-zhong

Origin: China, Anhui province, Keemun (Qimen)

Grade: Superior, great quality

Leaf: thin, small tightly twisted leaves of aubergine/black colour with sharp pointy ends and tiny golden tips, releasing an aroma of rose and sweet hay.

Infused leaf: tiny, red leaves with a scent of honey, lemon and roses.

Liquor: Beautiful clear and light coppery cup with a greenish rim. Aroma of orchids and roses, liquid light with tones of lemon and soft cocoa. Malty and peppery after-taste with no astringent characteristics.



About: Keemun is a historical multiple winner black tea. It was the most expensive tea around 1940. For it's record price it was enjoyed only by a royalty. It was produced as taking the inspiration and production skills of Fujian province. Keemun lies between majestic Yellow Mountains on the south and Yangzi River on the north and it has some of China's most amazing scenery from which poets and painters drew inspirations.