Tasting Notes - Ming Qian Bi Luo Chun “Spring Green snail” Superior - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tasting Notes - Ming Qian Bi Luo Chun “Spring Green snail” Superior

Classification: Bi Luo Chun or Pi Lo Chun “Green snail spring”- green tea

Origin: China, Sichuan

Cultivar: Lao Pin Zhong

Grade: Special, Ace quality, Fantastic

Leaf: Uniquely shaped tiny and tender silvery-green spirals, covered with silvery down. Aromatic flowers and vegetal notes are gently rising from the dried leaves.

Infused leaf: The steeped leaves take on a brilliant green hue. The blossom notes mix with an asparagus, courgettes and sweet mapley and herbaceous scent.

Liquor: Crisp, clear and soft, brilliantly yellow cup with fresh velvety sweetness. Smooth and beautiful liquor with desirable aroma of wild blossoms which are in perfect harmony with fruitiness: plums and apricots. The after-taste has pleasant astringency and leaves herbaceous (marjoram and parsley) mouth-feel.




About: The name Pi Lo Chun in Chinese means "Spring Green Snail”. Chosen as a Tribute Tea by the Emperor Kang Xi in the seventeenth century who felt the steeped tea looked like tiny green snails. Bi Luo Chun is one of China's famous rare teas. Only a bud and leaf is being hand-picked once a year from mid-march to mid-april. It takes 60,000 to 80,000 leaf-bud sets to produce one pound of finished Pi Lo Chun tea.