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Tasting Notes – Premium Matcha Shincha

Classification: Premium Matcha Shincha – powdered green tea Cultivar: Yakubita

Origin: Japan, Kyoto prefecture, Uji

Grade: Premium, Elite, Grand cru Leaf:

Very fine powder of bright green tencha tea with matte finish, milled between granite stones – traditional method. Beautiful, light dust which smells of fresh spring grass and delicate notes of sea air. Liquor: Powerful, dense and cloudy dark green frothy liquid. In the mouth, its rich and textured almost buttery like with notes of sweet peas and freshly mowed grass. Cup is very refreshing with vegetal and crisp umami taste. The finish is long lasting savoury astringency, pleasant and uplifting.

About: Matcha is made from specially grown Tencha tea leaves, which are shaded by traditional tana (woven straw mats). Shading protects the tender tea leaves from the sun and allows them to build up additional chlorophyll, caffeine and amino acids. To produce a fine powder, the stems and veins of the leaves have to be removed before grinding between granite millstones. Our premium Matcha Shincha comes from mythical region of Uji near Kyoto and it is a ceremonial grade made especially for Chanoyu ceremony. It has been plucked from the first tender baby leaves emerging in spring.