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Tea Sourcing – Bai Hao Yin Zhen “Silver Needle” Superior

Classification: Bai Hao Yin Zhen “Silver Needle” Superior - White tea
Cultivar: Da Bai
Origin: China, Fujian province, Ningde prefecture, Fuding city
Grade: Unique, Rare, Grand Cru
Leaf: Large, needle like buds of a soft green colour, covered by silver hairs. Gentle floral aroma of orchids, tulips and wild flowers mingles with herb spiciness – mint, thyme and clove. The buds are soft and fluffy on touch.
Infused leaf: Beautiful silvery-jade buds releasing an aroma of clove, orchid and asparagus.
Liquor: Light, soft and clear moonstone gem like liquid. Deliciously smooth, delicate and harmonious cup with notes of wild flowers, orchids, sweet vanilla, honeydew melon and twist of herbs and heavy rich creaminess. Pleasantly wild and uplifting liquor with no astringency and fresh and sweet honeysuckle after-taste.

About: Silver Needle is one of the rarest and most spectacular teas. The production of this tea merely makes up not even 0.1% of the tea produced in China. This needle shaped white tea is mainly produced in Fujian, China, which is famous for the outstanding quality of their white teas. To produce Silver Needle which is made exclusively from shoots that have not yet opened (this is where white tea reaches perfection). The tea then has to undergo the long-hour withering and sun drying. The unique processing steps is the tea is packed right after drying while still warm. This is vital to preserve its needle shape. When brewed, the buds point upwards, then the water-absorbed buds gradually sink downward to the bottom. Premium white tea is of jade colour (pale green). If the withering process is not properly conducted because of the tea is over dried, the colour of leaf will change into a grayish, yellowish or sometimes brownish and its flavour is obviously affected. The best Silver Needle tea is made only from straight hairy buds of jade colour.