Tea sourcing batch 235: - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tea sourcing batch 235:

We always source tea carefully - no matter what kind of tea or for who it is. With our ruthless eyes, sinister noses and intense taste buds we take our job seriously. We take NO excuses, political sides, previously excellent batches, legends, famous estates or even price in consideration. Our minds are clear as a sky (not Scottish!) and our tasting sheets are empty..... awaiting the verdicts.
We examine the dried leaves first and smell the aroma, then we examine the infused leaves. We spent a long time on the liquor: it's aroma, colour, texture, body, taste, after-taste and other important notes... firstly when the liquor is hot and then when it cools down.


Batch 235 has five black teas to evaluate and we will post them accordingly:
1) 1st flush Darjeeling Balasun superior
2) 1st flush Nepal Tara Chiyabari
3) Keemun Mao Feng Imperial
4) Keemun Hao Ya Special
5) Ceylon New Falcon exclusive
So wait for our first.... :)