Tea sourcing - batch 235 - 1st flush Nepal Tara Chiyabari

Let's sample our second black tea.... this beautiful 1st flush Nepal Tara Chiyabari! The grade, according to the packaging is supreme/superb. The tea is quite similar to 1st flush Darjeeling in the taste, yet the mouth-feel is not as well balanced and for spring tea it's lacking in brightness a bit. Yet we like it for it's wild herbaceous/mountain taste and slight zingy astringency :)

Check out our tasting notes under this pic:

Dried Leaf: Smaller dark green, brown and yellow leaves; aroma of dry wood, herbs and apples.
Infused Leaf: Uneven, small, light green leaves with some reddish hues; fruity notes with herbs and spice.
Liquor: Bright mandarin colour liquor, light and brisk in body with fresh bouquet of violets. Notes of well ripen fruit such as peach and nectarine, followed by honey and pepper after-taste and medium astringency.

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