Tea sourcing - Batch 235 - Keemun Hao Ya Special - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tea sourcing - Batch 235 - Keemun Hao Ya Special

Our next Keemun to taste is Hao Ya. Hao Ya is significantly more floral, very rose-like and sweeter compare to Mao Feng. We also prefer Hao Ya to Mao Feng for it's complexity and longer lasting finish.

Dried Leaf: Small and sleek anthracite leaves and golden tips, gently twisted. Aroma of peach, herbs and golden warm hay.
Infused Leaf: Small, dark brown cut leaves with a floral aroma, sweet and woody.
Liquor: The brilliant chocolate-orange liquid has aroma of rose, violets and caramel. Cup soft and smooth with very floral (rose, orchid) sweet peach and caramelised banana taste and beautiful floral after-taste with no astringency.