Tea sourcing batch N.240 - 7 years aged PU ERH grade 3 - Shu “Ripe/matured” - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tea sourcing batch N.240 - 7 years aged PU ERH grade 3 - Shu “Ripe/matured”

Classification: 7 Years aged Pu Erh Grade 3 - Shu “ripe/matured” dark tea/aged tea
Cultivar: Yunnan Da Ye
Origin: China, Yunnan, Bu Lang, Ba Da, Nanuo, Xishuangbanna
Grade: Great quality
Leaf: Small, freely twisted leaves of dark & light chocolate colour leaves with dust like appearance. Fragrance carries intense notes of musk, wet forest earth, fermented compost and leather.
Infused leaf: Infused leaves are darker brown in colour with more persistent aroma of decaying wood, damp and dingy cellar.
Liquor: Cup is reddish-brown colour, brilliant and thick yet it is lighter than most Pu Erh teas. Aroma is sweet, cherry wood like with a bit of moss. The mouth-feel is full-bodied with leather, dried fruit and decaying wood notes and hints of bitter chocolate. After-taste is velvety with sweet persistence of burnt sugar. There is no acidity in the cup and no astringency. The tea is well balanced, smooth and sweet. Only for Gourmet people :)

About: Shou Pu Erh is a modern invention from early 1970's developed because of high demand for Sheng Pu Erh which takes decades to age. Shou processing method is accelerated development of flavour in which Mao Cha is being exposed to bacteria. During this fermentation, mould produces organic acid and pH of tea will be reduced. Due to the mould fermentation, tea is completely fermented in a much shorter period of time. The colour of tea changes to dark brown and it gives a mellow taste with thick body. In 2012 this tea underwent 46 days of wet pilling (wo dui) which transformed it into a lovely ripe Pu Erh.