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Tea Sourcing - Meng Ding Huang Ya “Yellow Bud”

Classification: Meng Ding Huang Ya “Yellow Bud” - yellow tea
Cultivar: Jin ji zhong
Origin: China, Sichuan province, Ming Shan County, Ya An, Mengding Mountain
Grade: Grand cru, Elite, Rare
Bud: Sword shaped imperial bud pluck, buds super hairy (fine pekoe) yellowy-green and perfect in shape, sleek and shiny and unified. Aroma of Almonds, Chestnuts and sweet garden green peas.
Infused Bud: Infused buds are releasing an aroma of fermented hops, violets and sweet honey.
Liquor: Straw coloured cup with incredible aroma of orchids, violets and honeysuckle. Liquid is remarkably thick and round on the tongue with herbaceous and flower notes. The smooth and sweet taste is balanced with slight acidity and enriched with hints of fermented hops and roasted peanuts. After-taste is sweet vanilla with long vegetal finish. This rare tea is best brew in Gaiwan or small ceramic or glass teapot, occasionally :)

About: This is a rare yellow tribute tea from Meng Ding Mountain in Sichuan Province. Only a few types of yellow tea exist due to the complicated and tedious process in making it. In fact, there are only a few masters which know the process. Meng Ding Mountain was the first place to cultivate the tea bush 1200 years ago, at Gan Lu temple by the herbalist and Daoist Wu Li Zhen. The tea growing area in Meng Ding surrounds the mountain in a U-shape with two rivers flowing through it. The tea garden is set at about 1000 meters above sea level. All year round, the weather here is misty, cloudy, and rainy, which is ideal for growing tea.