Tea Tasting Diary - Batch n.234 ( Bai Lin Gong Fu) - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tea Tasting Diary - Batch n.234 ( Bai Lin Gong Fu)

And our last and most beloved tea was Bai Lin Gong Fu Special “Golden Monkey”. An exclusive grade of black tea from Fujian province in China. This tea is classified as a gong-fu - tea that is skillfully made and exhibits excellent crafting. It has been plucked in early spring, therefore it has abundant sweetness with less astringency. Bai Lin is made from Fuding Bai Hao "White Pekoe" varietal tea leaves. The tea leaves are picked in sets with 1 leaf and 1 bud only.

Here are our tasting notes:

Dry Leaves: Short and twisted tiny dark leaves with beautiful hairy golden tips. Beautifully dried leaves with an aroma of high mountain meadow full of herbs and wild blossoms in a bloom. Undertones of freshly peeled bark and sweet honey are singing in backgrounds.

Infused Leaves: Dark green to mahogany leaves, evenly long in size and slightly twisted, releasing an aroma of wet wood, earth and sweet honey apricots.

Liquor: Crystal clear, mandarin coloured liquor with golden hues at the edge of the cup. Very aromatic, fruity – sweet apricots, earthy with full body of vanilla, chocolate and rose – so complex yet amazingly balanced together. No astringency whatsoever.



I hope you enjoyed all our tasting notes as we did and I shall write some more with next batch my lovelies :P


Many thanks for your time tea maniacs.... DRINK TEA AND BE FREE!