Tea Tasting diary – batch n.232 - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tea Tasting diary – batch n.232

4) Our fourth tea was none other than lovely, ancient WuYi Shan Shui Hsien - “Water sprite” wulong tea from China/Fujian. One of my first teas, I've ever drunk (that's why I called it ancient :P).Class on package said: Magnificent/Brilliant. As it was written – it was right. Absolutely excellent tea which we will order for you – blood and sweat and tears - we will get it! So beautifully balanced, so many flavours in one cup! How wonderful! Same as I remembered it:)

Dry Leaves: Dark brown, long and medium twisted leaves, pointy and bend in the most obscure ways with aroma of fresh herbs – especially thyme. Wood – pine and very forest floor like.

Infused Leaves: Dark, swampy, huge green leaves – some of them very crimson like. Very woody aroma with sweet fruitiness.

Liquor: Clear, bright orange cup. Aroma of blackberries, grapefruit, wood and exotic lychee. Cup very berry and mellow bouquet of wild flowers with strong hints of grapes. No astringency at all. Suitable for many infusions.

We were kindly surprised by this tea and fought wildly about the last drops! No spitting involved in this tasting.