Tea Tasting diary – batch n.232 - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tea Tasting diary – batch n.232

5) Our fifth choice was Phoenix Dan Cong wulong tea from China/Guangdong province. We have this tea in our stock, but we wanted to compare the different grades. This one has 'an exclusive' class on it's packaging. We have tasted it and grade it exactly like that. There was not much difference between this Dan Cong and our one:) It is an incredible tea, indeed. Look at our tasting notes:

Dry Leaves: Long, deep brown leaves with lighter brown stalks, loosely twisted and pointy at the ends. Aroma of wood, herbs, eucalyptus, walnuts and coffee!

Infused Leaves: Long, pointy dark green leaves and copper stalks releasing an aroma of strong wet wood, moss, herbs, walnuts and also a hint of a spice.

Liquor: Orange colour clear cup with sweet herbs aroma. Complex liquor, smooth and sweet with hints of walnuts, thyme and honeysuckle followed by 'alive' green wood. Coffee like after-taste heavy, intense astringency.

Excellent tea!