Tea Tasting diary – batch n.232

6) And our last and most beloved 'morning tea' is Yunkang Pu Erh – shou/ripe – dark tea from China/Yunnan. The grade on package says 'basic grade'. We have evaluated this tea for 'Superb/Lovely' grade. But as we have two kinds of Shou/Ripe Pu Erh teas in our stock right now:

'Lincang Pu Erh' (which we still need to add to our web page – this one is more for begginers – mellow, smokey, bouquetty) and we also have 'Pu Erh Small Leaf' (which is the classic granny's cellar, meaty, woody, earthy and dingy, droppings and animal like parts :P haha) for the Pu Erh connoisseurs, so we won't be ordering this one yet. Here are our tasting notes anyways:

Dry Leaves: Various sizes of dusty/fluffy brown-reddish leaves with wild bouquet aroma, hints of sweet dried fruits, malty & musty.

Infused Leaves: Small twisted reddish leaves with aroma of very fermented decaying wood, spicy and tobacco like.

Liquor: Deep brown not clear liquor – nearly black as coffee. Aroma sweet and peaty. Cup is very mouth-full and heavy with sweet molasses notes, apricots, berries and very woody after-taste. No astringent, but very soupy like.

This Pu Erh is very textured in cup and less meaty and manure like. We have enjoyed it very much and hadn't spit a bit.... we swear:)



I hope you enjoyed all our tasting notes as we did and I shall write some more with next batch – mostly when the weather become unbearable again and the internet will crash (hope not) and we will feel like a cavemen who found some new roots, flowers and leaves near their porch thinking...wtf will I do with this? Oh yeah...let's boil it and see what that taste like and what it will do to me :)


Many thanks for your time tea maniacs.... DRINK TEA AND BE FREE!

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