Tea Tasting diary – batch n.234 - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tea Tasting diary – batch n.234

It's grey(t – really?) Thursday with temperatures of 10 degrees. Shades of deep purple to brown are imprinted to the hills and hues of bright yellow, copper and orange leaves are flickering on trees all around us, trying to lift the atmosphere of wet dog and cheer the sleepy hollow mist rolling all around Pitlochry.

Despite this, there is something wonderfully peaceful, calm and beautifully clear in this Thursdays afternoon:) Maybe, it's the fact that the wind outside stopped blowing.

Maybe, it's the lazy cracking sound of burning wood in our fireplace.

Maybe, it's our kittens sleeping on a fur and a coffee sack.

Or maybe, it's the tea tasting we have just finished.

Or maybe, it's just all this together, shaded by the mighty Ben Vrackie mountain – Marvellous!

So as a couple of teas we have tasted today!


It has been a great experience to slurp these 6 black teas from different parts of the World.

1) Sikkim Temi SFTGFOP1

2) Assam Zaloni TGFOP

3) Ceylon Badulla (UVA) OP1 Mount Uva

4) Yunnan Lincang Ming Qian special RED NEEDLE (Hong Zhen)

5) Fujian Wuyi special Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong – Lapsang Souchong

6) Fujian special Bai Lin Gong Fu



Stalk our first tasting notes for TEMI tea tomorrow around 5pm.... :p