Tea Tasting Diary - Batch n. 234 (TEMI) - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tea Tasting Diary - Batch n. 234 (TEMI)

1) Our first tea was TEMI SFTGFOP1 from beautiful and nearly independent Sikkim – northeast of India, bordered by Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. When we smelled the tea leaves our memory jumped right back to the year 2014 when we travelled around, searching for the tea, mountains and beautiful food and people. The mighty Kangchenjunga 8 586m revealed herself to us, rising from the morning mist like a phoenix. It was the most beautiful mountain scenery we have seen. We also met some great people and ate a lot of momos (stuffed dumplings) and thukpas (noodle soups). We saw a gigantic waterfalls and couple of crazy landslides. All of this was flashing through our minds while tasting TEMI – first flush high grown tea from the magical land of Himalayas.


These are our tasting notes:


Dry leaves: 1st flush Darjeeling high grown type - but bit smaller, lightly twisted tri-coloured leaves of light green, brown and darker brown stalks and leaves. Very dried on touch with sweet herbaceous bouquet and eucalyptus notes.

Infused leaves: Coppery brown and green leaves, broken and uneven. Floral aroma, honeysuckle, eucalyptus and coriander.

Liquor: Beautifully clear, vivid and golden liquor with floral bouquet, gentle jasmine and honey sweet aroma. A little bit astringent but not as much as 1st flush Darjeeling and a little bit unbalanced. Undertones of wild flowers and herbs and misty rainy peaks become very noticeable after the tea cools down a bit.


We have enjoyed this tea, but we still prefer our Nepal Ganesh Himal to this as it is more balanced.