Tea Tasting Diary batch n.234 (Red Needle) - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tea Tasting Diary batch n.234 (Red Needle)

4) Our fourth tea was a beautiful China black tea Yunnan Lincang Ming Qian Special “Red Needle” Hong Zhen. Absolutely fabulous tea. Red Needle comes from Lincang province in Yunnan and it's hand picked from tea cultivar Da Bai in spring before 5th of April. One golden bud and two leaves; tightly rolled into tiny needles of excellent, exceptional quality. Have a lookie on our notes:

Dry Leaves: Small, tightly twisted needles of greenish-black lustrous leaves and gold buds. The scent is wild with various undertones of apricots, mangoes, hay and jasmine blossoms. The leaves are super glossy and excellently dried.

Infused Leaves: The infused leaves are of light bark colour and unified in shape. Lingering aroma of wild fruit is persistent while new notes of earth and slight smokiness popped up.

Liquor: Brilliantly pristine terracotta colour cup with amazing golden hue rim around it. The smell of honey and earth with hints of molasses are rising from the beautiful liquid. Mouth-feel is refreshing, velvety with strong taste of heavy sugars (molasses), butter, wood and chocolate notes. The cup has no astringency and it's beautiful and wild in nature but all very well balanced - in harmony.



This tea was beautiful and we hope to have it in our tea boutique soon.