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Tasting Notes - Vietnam Suoi Giang Mountain Tea Special

Classification: Vietnam Suoi Giang Mountain Tea Special – green tea

Cultivar: Ancient tea trees - Shan Tuyet “snow”

Origin: Vietnam, Yen Bai province, Van Chan district, Suoi Giang Mountain

Grade: Exceptional, Unique, from ancient trees

Leaf: Silvery green long, twisted tea, sleek and shiny with appearance of milky layer of snow. Aroma of sweet hay and blossoms.

Infused leaf: Uniform leaves with two shades of green and crisp aroma of a green apple.

Liquor: Pale yellow cup with intense aroma of dandelions and fresh grass. Tiny hint of seaweed in floating river followed by fresh astringency and deep sweet banana aftertaste.




About: Situated at an altitude of nearly 1,400 meters above sea level, Suoi Giang contains the oldest tea trees in Vietnam - over 300 years old. Shan Tuyet tea varieties converges all three factors: aroma, strong taste and blue water. The tea is produced by manual methods of the Mong ethnic people without using any kind of pesticides because insects cannot develop.