Why are we leaving Instagram ?

Why are we leaving Instagram ?

Hello there.

I thought we should write a little article and shed some light onto why are we leaving Instagram... so here it is.

  1. Manipulation of mind
  2. Freaking Algorithm 
  3. Privacy issues
  4. Adverts & suggestions

We are going to miss you all, but honestly from the time Facebook took over Instagram, we have been just disappointed and unhappy.

At start Instagram was a lovely place, where you can share things you are passionate about with others.... anyone & everyone... It was a place you want to go and discover new interesting posts, places and posts according to your Free will. We used to have a lot of likes from different kind of people who came across our page via hashtag totally accidentally, but from the time FB took over and applied their freaking algorithm with Artificial Intelligence in charge it has been one big downfall.

We are free. We have a Free Will! We want to see and hear what we want to, not listening & following suggestions of FB. We ended our personal FB back in 2012 with utter disgust and from that time we have opened FB only ones when starting our She Fang tea back in 2016 in hope this will help boom the business... (well guess what... FB does not help boom any business unless you are a big company which pays for adverts). It was such a nightmare to open your personal page and within the business page and all the crap was coming back, plus FB picked up some new bad habits....that we had to close shortly after opening it. 

So, I'm sure you all know that FB is not only watches every of your move, but also selling your data to highest bidders and forcing a news & adverts onto you to manipulate your mind. This is still okay in a certain way (for some, not for us) but what happens if someone on higher position with lots of $$$ wants to persuade you to buy certain product, vote for someone or even leave EU? Well guess what.... the best thing is to go to FB. FB then will bombard you with news and adverts to point you into the right direction and so little by little you are being psychologically manipulated (enslaved) into a spot.... they want you to be.

The freaking algorithm is really not working for us either! We are not the kind of people (as many new young generations are) who spent 24 hours daily on Instagram, commenting on everything and liking everything, therefore the A.I. algorithm (which you can see in the movie I ROBOT ..haha!) is not showing us posts of people who we follow (cause we are not reacting with them) and who we would love to see in the real time they posted, but rather shooting on us a new suggestions of companies and hashtags to follow, squeezed in between rather odd (mostly huge company) advertisements. We hate that. If we feel like exploring anything new, we would certainly do it on our own, wouldn't we? In a time we are feeling for it with free will. Because of this algorithm, we have missed on posts of our heroes! Yeah... all of you guys! :(

Privacy issues... that's a next big one. Do you know that if you google your Instagram profile you will find it elsewhere? There are another 7 or 9 pages online who copies all your Instagram profile... so what is the security in that FB? When you joined Instagram you've agreed to post photos, your personal data and mind and soul to this page and you know it's there and you can always delete it, but what about the other pages who copies everything? We have asked couple of them to delete our profile from their pages, but they've never replied nor deleted it! So FB... how is this possible? You don't have any security policy for this?

As we said.. We like to be free and have a Free will, not to be manipulated by whoever pays more for advert or news. FB we don't want to be divided.

Another reason is that we actually like to enjoy our tea in peace and in the moment, not stress to make the best shot for Instagram picture and we do not like to follow any silly trends of drinking tea in front of computer screen while video calling to others. We like to be free and enjoy every moment of life, simplicity of living and great quality of tea which enriches us in incredible ways.

We are not sad to make this decision, but we want to let you know that we are still here on our page...selling gorgeous teas and incredible tea-ware and writing crazy blog posts about everything what is important to us.

This decision is made by us to LIBERATE ourselves from corporate slavery, endless hours spend in an empty/fake World and to stop the continuous feeding of our egocentric existence.


Perhaps we seems to you like a monks, living on top of misty hill in secluded monastery? But let me tell you... we have more time to grow our own food, build furniture and fix house, paint, run & cycle, do some more yoga and drink a LOOOOOTS of teas... and all this, with full mindfulness and pure happiness!!

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