1st flush Maharani of Darjeeling Special

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- Black Tea -

1st Flush Darjeeling Gopaldhara Maharani of Darjeeling Special SFTGFOP 1

- Location -

India, West Bengal, Darjeeling, Mirik Valley, Gopaldhara tea Estate 

- Harvested -



 - Taste Notes -

 Orchid, peach, mango, petrichor

 - Shades of Aromas -

 - Brewing Method -  


 - Suitable Teapot - 

Ceramic or Glass teapot  

"High among these majestic hills
Where mist marries with dry ground
Colours of yellow, green and brown
Swirls, entraps, around
Beautiful aroma awakens from the soil
After the first strong rain
Mixing an aroma of delirious orchids
With creamy peaches and wet herbs
Mellow earth, sweetness, and cheers
Just for a second before it all disappears"

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