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Cultivar: Da Hong Pao, mixed cultivar

Altitude: 800m

Harvest: Summer

Grade: Superior, Exceptional, Grand Cru

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  • Inside Story

    Da Hong Pao is the most famous of the Wulong teas produced in the mountainous area of Wu Yi Shan, Fujian province. It originally grew on heavenly mind cliff, where there was a large monastery. The monks cultivated the tea. Now, there are only about 6 tea bushes left which are in a Unesco protected area which produces Yan Cha “Cliff or Rock tea” teas with no fertilisers, no pesticides and are plucked only once a year!
    For many years, the extremely limited harvest plucked from these trees was reserved for China’s most elite tea drinkers, and was even presented to President Nixon when he visited in 1972 and to Dalai Lama.

  • China, Fujian province, Wu Yi Shan, Tong Mu Guan village

  • Ambience

    Leaf: Dark purply-brown large leaves, lightly rolled and very crunchy on touch! Aroma of cedar wood, dried apricots and pepper rising from the well roasted leaves.
    Infused leaf: Greenish-brown hugely open leaves with an aroma of lilies, cedar wood and a bamboo and spice.
    Liquor: Magnificent, clear orange cup with round mouth-feel and complex body. Aroma of lilies, bamboo and tobacco. The flavour is dense and diverse, cedar wood, tobacco, dried apricots and dates with a little hint of flint, pepper and bamboo at the end. Outstanding dry astringency.

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