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Cultivar: Fuding Da Bai

Altitude: 900m

Harvest: Spring

Grade: Superior, Brilliant

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  • China, Fujian province, Ningde prefecture, Fuding

    Fuding is located in the Fujian province in China and it is a significant tea region, mostly known for production of white teas. The famous cultivars Fuding Da Bai & Fuding Da Hao are grown here. Fuding Da Bai has smaller buds and leaves while Da Hao has larger leaves. These tender and fragrant buds & leaves gives life to famous teas like Silver Needle, Bai Mu Dan and Golden Monkey - black tea and it is also the base for our wonderful Golden Snail - Jin Luo black tea. This region is blessed with amazing weather. Mild & humid with plentiful rain & fertile soil is just ideal condition for tea cultivation. The craftsmanship is deeply rooted here and tea is hand-crafted and produced according to traditions passed down from generations. The high quality teas created here are just a simple resemblance of this beautiful terroir & artisans which can create products that uphold their traditions and expressions of their culture.

  • 3 g.

  • 250 ml

  • 95 C

  • 2 min.

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  • Ambience

    LEAF: Little, tightly rolled greenish-grey yet very lustrous pearls with plenty of golden buds are absolutely stunning to look at. They're releasing a sweet fruity fragrance of apricots and soft baked pears which slowly turns to notes of dry bark, malt & spice.
    INFUSED LEAF: Infused leaves are slowly opening and un-curling. The aroma of sweet malt, dry earth, wood and cinnamon spice is rising from the cup.
    LIQUOR: Crystal clear, bright orange honey-like liquor has shimmering fresh green rim. The aroma of dry fragrant wood, honey & peach is entangling. Mouth-feel is soft, velvety and smooth with lots of sweetness. Vivid fruity taste of apricots, peaches, almonds and thyme lingers in the mouth. After-taste has sweet notes of malt & delicate crushed cocoa. There's no acidity but a little astringency makes the cup live & fresh.

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